On the invitation of Mr. Francisco Fernández Marugán, Spanish Ombudsman, AOM members of the Working Group on the rights of migrant children were invited to Madrid for a study visit which was held on 18- 20 December 2017.

This meeting was part of the AOM/AOMF Joint Action Plan for 2017-2018, which includes the strengthening of the capacity of the member institutions on the rights of children (item 5 of the action Plan) through study visits in the member counterpart Institutions.

This visit was an opportunity to examine the approach of the Spanish Ombudsman towards minor asylum-seekers, children victims of trafficking, and on the more specific question of the age assessment of unaccompanied minors.

Finally, this event was marked by the visit of the Centre for asylum-seekers of the Merced Migraciones Foundation, followed by a presentation by the head of the minors of the Institution of the Ombudsman of Andalusia, on foreign unaccompanied children.

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