The fifth training session was held from 23 to 25 September 2014 on the theme « The intervention’s means of Ombudsmen and Mediators », for the benefit of the collaborators of the members of the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen. This was organised by the Training and Exchange centre in mediation sheltered by the Institution of the Ombudsman of the Kingdom of Morocco.

Experts and representatives of the European Ombudsman and the mediation institutions of the following countries: Albania, Malta, Poland, Spain, Jordan, Palestine, Georgia, Morocco, in addition to representatives of the Central Forum for the prevention of corruption, participated to this training seminar. The opening session was chaired by Mr Abdelaziz Benzakour, Ombudsman of the Kingdom.

For three days, participants discussed the following topics:

  • The interactive interventions of mediation and Ombudsman institutions;
  • Pre-emptive interventions and the monitoring role provided by mediators and ombudsmen;
  • Interaction with governance institutions;
  • Appeal to Constitutional Councils and the Council of State.

The session was closed by a word from Mr Benzakour, emphasizing the importance of training in unifying the tools and the working methods in the mediation institutions, and their future planning.

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