This conference gathered the AOM Ombudsmen and Mediators who adopted the Skopje Declaration in which they pledged to ensure that social, cultural and environmental rights are systematically taken into account in all their activities ; and to work closely with key local and international stakeholders, including NGOs, INGOs and media in the respective countries.

The Conference was also marked by the presence of Mr. Talat Xhaferi, President of the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev, President of the Government of the Republic of  Northern Macedonia, and Mr. Ixhet Memeti, Ombudsman of the Republic of  Northern Macedonia, who hailed the 10th anniversary of the AOM and the 20th anniversary of the host country’s Ombudsman, the Ombudsman of the Republic of  Northern Macedonia.

> Agenda of the Conference

> Skopje Declaration